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Winchester Farm is an exclusive, full-service dressage training facility located in Readington, New Jersey. We offer an individualized, intensive training program for horse and rider in the classic discipline of dressage.

Our specific focus is a customized training program for the serious, committed competitor, who is mounted on a horse who is talented and suitable for the modern sport of dressage.

Our approach combines the foundational elements of work in long lines, on the pillars, under saddle and over cavalletties. In addition, riders are expected to develop a strong theoretical and practical background to serve as the framework for classical dressage teachings.

We offer an unsurpassed level of caregiving in an elegant, state-of-the-art equestrian facility. We stable a maximum of 8 horses to ensure that the horse and rider receive individualized and personalized care and attention. Please click here for more information about our training board service.

Head Trainer- Dr. David Guy

Dr. David Guy, Head Trainer, is an accomplished rider, trainer and competitor. Dr. Guy trains and competes at FEI level dressage and has studied under Walter Zettel, Richard Ulmann, and Patrick Le Rolland. Mr. Guy is also experienced in combined training, where he competes at training level, and has studied under George Morris, Chris Kappler and Marilyn Payne.  Mr. Guy teaches  the classical approach to dressage based on the systematic dressage training scale as developed by the German Riding System.  Highlights of his career include:

  • Adjunct Professor, Delaware Valley College, Dressage, 2006-present
  • USDF Silver Medallist
  • North Carolina Horse Council Judge Candidate
  • Trains and competes at FEI level dressage
  • Teaches Dressage clinics
  • Conducts lectures on the History of Dressage, the Dressage Training Scale, and The Training and Conditioning of Sport Horses

Please Click Here for a list of engagements.

Training Board

Winchester Farm offers four boarding packages, including two training board programs.  The half program includes 3-4 training sessions for your horse per week.  The full program includes 5-6 training sessions per week. While here for training, your horse will reside in our state-of-the-art stable and will receive top-notch care and feed.  Our board includes daily turnout, blanket changes, vet and farrier assistance and horse laundry services. 

Full Basic Board- includes all feedings and day-to-day care

Grooming Board- includes daily grooming, hooves picked and tacking/untacking and after ride care

Training Board 1/2 package- includes 3-4 training sessions per week

Training Board- full package- includes 5-6 training sessions per week

All boarding and training packages include top shelf feed (Pennfield) plus free-choice hay, vitamins, joint supplement and Solitude IGR.  There is no additional charge for laundry services, blanket changes, or vet/farrier assistance.

Please contact us for current board and training rates and availability.

Ship-in Training for Horse and/or Rider

We offer hourly training sessions for horse and/or rider on a ship-in basis.  Our instruction takes place in an olympic sized arena with all season rubber and sand footing.  Please Contact Us for pricing and availability.


We conduct single day or multiple-day dressage training clinics nation-wide.  Please click here for more information.

Lectures and College Curriculum

Dr. David Guy is currently an Adjunct Professor at Delaware Valley College, where he teaches a number of mounted and classroom-based courses:

Dressage (mounted)

Training and Conditioning of Sport Horses: includes a review of work in hand, long lining on one and two lines and overview of physiological aspects of equine exercise physiology

History and Development of Classical Dressage, "From Xenophon to Zettl" a look at the development of dressage, the Masters, and the dressage horse over the past 2500 years, with an emphasis on the development of dressage movements and arena patterns.

The Dressage Training Scaleexplores the historical development of the Dressage Training Scale, definitions of key terms (USDF, FEI, etc.), alternate graphical representations of the pyramid, the relationship to equine exercise physiology, and relationship to arena patterns.

Feel free to Contact Us with questions or to learn more about our lecture program.

On-Line Training Resources

New!  Please click here to read the article by David Guy entitled, "The Role of Complementary Training Methods in the Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse"

Have a question or need advice?  Dr. David Guy is now available via Live Person to assist you.  Please click the link below to learn more!














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